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Greetings, reader! Since you came to this site, you probably want to know who the author of this blog is and what he is?

My name is Alex M. Hyde.

I design, develop and write web applications, create websites of various complexity, implement various control systems in ready-made projects. I’m also one of those people who is interested in Linux and Unix similar systems. I also like to read various literature from technical to fiction. I like to think and think about life and urgent problems. Actually on this resource you will see articles and notes written on these topics.

And finally, I will tell, it will be very pleasant to me to get acquainted with each reader of my blog, therefore can write at all without being ashamed, the person I rather and rather sociable. If you want to contact me somehow besides this blog, there is always an item “Contacts” for you. I hope that my site will bring you a lot of benefit and here you will be really interested.